Jacks or Better - The best digital poker game from Netent

  • Jan 19, 2021

If you are interested in online gaming, then Netent is the site for you. This brand has over 20 years of experience creating all kinds of offline and online games and slots for players around the world. On http://www.1netentcasino.org , you can enjoy playing up to 200 games. One of the top-grossing video games it offers is Jacks or Better. This game is a digital version of the traditional poker game.

How is Jacks or Better different than other poker games?

There are so many features that make Jacks or Better a very unique and enthralling game for players. If you are a person who enjoys the excitement of sitting in a poker table, the feeling is exactly captured in this digital version on http://www.spring-strategies.com . The game is designed to look like a traditional gaming ground. All traditional gaming rules of poker apply here too.

The main problem people playing online poker have is how slow the game runs. This is especially true if real players are playing from different parts of the world. You will have to wait for a long time for every person's move. With this digital version, however, speed is a thing you will love. Since you play against the software, the game moves quickly. Here are the other top features.

  • You can choose to play between 1-25 hands
  • Jacks or Better offers really high payouts
  • The graphical display is so much better than other games in the market

If you want to learn the art of poker, then choose 1 hand and start playing. For professionals who love a challenge, choosing 25 hands make the game 'edge of the seat' exciting. From the minute you load the game, it runs smoothly and with no interference. The user-interface of the game is designed to be clear and all details you need about the current game are mentioned on the screen.

What are the game's payouts?

Another top feature of Jacks or Better is the different payout options listed clearly on the screen. Based on the hands you are dealt with, your payout value is calculated and mentioned. This makes it very easy to make gaming decisions including holding, doubling, or dropping from the game. The highest payout you can enjoy is the Royal Flush, which is 250 times your wager.

Changing the coin value

Some of the poker games online force you to pay large wagers to even enter the gaming page. Jacks or Better is not like that. You can change the coin value anytime before the game depending on how much you can afford to wager. The least value of the coins is €0.01 and the highest is €0.50. This flexibility makes this game a clear winner.

What's the Double Up Gamble feature?

This is one feature that stands out amidst all others when it comes to Jacks or Better. For some people, excitement is everything when they play a game. The more challenges a game has, the more exciting it feels. One such very challenging and luck-dependant feature of the game is the Double Up Gamble option. Here are the rules of this Double Up feature.

  • Click on the Gamble button
  • You get five cards faced-down
  • Guess the color of each of the card
  • If you guess right, your winnings double
  • If you guess wrong, your winnings are lost
  • This is an optional feature

What makes Netent gaming platform special?

Netent brings to you all top international casino sites all in one place. Any casino you choose to play in through Netent will be licensed and will give you a fair chance of winning. All the games and slots on this site are backed by detailed descriptions and trailers too. You can check the risk factor (volatility) of the game and its Return To Player (RTP) value in advance.

How to start playing Jacks or Better?

Visit Netent's website and search for this particular game. Read the basics, look at the trailer, and then choose between the different casinos that offer the game. All these casinos offer you welcome bonuses and other attractive benefits. Do not forget to make use of these. If you like poker, definitely give Jacks or Better a chance. You will not be disappointed with it.


Enjoy playing digital poker with Jacks or Better from Netent